Requirements for Tourist Visa - Six months

Requirements for Tourist Visa

Before applying, please read the general guidelines for visa applicants carefully.

  1. Strictly no amendment in application form, every single detail should be in type written.
  2. Uploading of photographs. Embassy desire that all photographs should be uploaded in their application form submitted in BLS centre. Photo uploaded should be same with the 2x2 picture attached in application form click here.
  3. NO scanned signature.
  4. Foreign Nationals must provide explanation letter why they're applying their visa here in Philippines instead in their country of Origin. Hand written is not allowed.
  5. Passport with a minimum validity of six months from the intended date of return from India.
  6. Photocopy of the passport bio page.
  7. Copy of the reservation Ticket and not Confirmed ticket needs to be produced at the time of submission of the application (two way ticket).
  8. Proof of financial standing / recent bank statement
  9. Invitation letter from family / friend / sponsor in India
    1. Financial statement of family / friend / sponsor in India
    2. Passport photocopy of sponsor.
    3. If married to Indian National kindly provide a marriage certificate.
    4. if minor kindly provide birth certificate and marriage certificate of parents.

The provision relating to 2 months gap between two visits of a foreign national to India on a Tourist Visa has been reviewed by the Government. It has been decided to lift the restriction of two-month gap on re-entry of foreign nationals coming to India except in case of nationals of Afghanistan, China, Iran, Pakistan, Iraq, Sudan, Bangladesh, foreigners of Pakistan and Bangladesh origins and Stateless persons and in such a case, permission should be sought from the Head of Indian Mission in the region and registration would be required within 14 days of arrival in India with the FRRO.

*Embassy may ask for additional document if needed from the applicant.


** All the agents and representatives kindly produce an authorization letter and photocopy of an ID proof at the time of submission.

Visa fee schedule


1 3 months 5305 427 5732
2 6 months 5305 427 5732
3 1 year 5305 427 5732
4 5 years 10500 427 10927

NOTE- Revised visa fee will be effective from 2nd July 2012.For new visa fee schdule Click here.

2 US NATIONAL 4,310.00 (Including FAX charge and surcharge)
3 SINGAPORE NATIONALS 2,460.00 (Including FAX charge)
4 OTHER NATIONALS 3,260.00 (Including FAX charge)
5 UK NATIONAL 7,861 (Including FAX charge)

Revision of visa fees for Russian nationals w.e.f. 22 July 2014

Sl. No. All Types of Visa Visa Fee
(Philippine Peso)
1 Single entry 3238
2 Double Entry 5835
3 Multiple entry 7392
4 Transfer of valid Visa 3238

Revision of visa fees for UKRAINE nationals
All types of visa Revised Fee
Sl. No. (Excluding ICWF charges and service providers fee) (Philippine Peso)
1 Transit (Single/double entry) (Duration - 15 days ) 5575
2 Tourist (Single/double/multiple entry) (Up to 6 months) 5575
3 All other types of visas i.e Conference, Employement, Journalist, Entry visas etc. (Up to 6 months) 5575
4 All other types of visas i.e Conference, Employement, Journalist, Entry visas etc. (Up to 1 year) 7913
5 Student visa (Up to 5 years) 5575
6 Business visa (Single/double/multiple entry) (Up to 1 year) 7913
7 Business visa (Single/double/multiple entry) (Up to 1- 5 years) 11548
8 All other types of visas i.e Conference, Employment, Journalist, Entry visas etc. (Up to 5 years) 11548

Revision of visa fees for NIGERIAN nationals
All types of visa Revised Fee
Sl. No. (Excluding ICWF charges and service providers fee) (Philippine Peso)
1 Business Visa 14145
2 Student Visa 14145
3 Medical visa 14145
4 Entry Visa 14145
5 Tourist Visa 14145
6 Employment Visa 14145
7 Conference Visa 14145
8 Other Visas 14145

Revision of visa fees for USA nationals
All types of visa Revised Fee
Sl. No. (Excluding ICWF charges and service providers fee) (Philippine Peso)
1  Tourist Visa (only) 6354
2 (Maximum of 10 years)

BLS Service charge - 147.00
Courier - 250.00
SMS - 30.00
TOTAL - 427.00

In addition to above mentioned fee BLS Service charge of PHP 427.00 is to be paid

Processing Time

Min 4-5 working days for Filipino nationals and permanent residents.

Min 4-6 working days for other nationalities.

Tourist Visa On Arrival

To facilitate bona fide tourists holding Philippines passport, who plan their tours at a short notice, Government of India has introduced "Tourist Visa-on-Arrival" with effect from 01 January 2011.

Tourist visa on arrival shall be granted by the Immigration Officers at Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata airports and shall be valid for a maximum of 30 days with single entry. Tourist Visa-on-Arrival shall be allowed for a maximum of two times in a calendar year with a minimum gap of two months between each visit. This may please be noted that the tourist visa is non-extendable and non-convertible.

Who is eligible:

  1. Filipinos with valid passports upto at least 6 months validity, or re-entry permit if required,
  2. Visiting India for the purpose of tourism (recreation, sight-seeing, visiting friends and relatives).
  3. Fulfils all other criteria for grant of normal tourist visa to India like assured financial standing (production of confirmed return ticket or a ticket for onward journey within 30 days of arrival from India, proof of availability of sufficient funds to spend in India).

Documents to be carried:

  1. Passport size photographs, and
  2. Photocopy of the passport

Who is not eligible:

  1. Filipino who was or whose parents or grand parents (paternal or maternal) were born in, and was permanently resident in Pakistan,
  2. Persons holding diplomatic / official passports,
  3. A person who is a resident of India and / or works in India,
  4. A person who is declared persona non grata by Government of India and is the subject of a black list or any warning circular or other restrictive list.


The fee would be US$ 60/- per passenger or an equivalent amount in Indian Rupees.